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Synergy Dog Training - Private In Home Dog Training and Group Classes

Synergy Dog Training offers personalized dog training and behavior modification services in San Diego. Whether you recently brought home a new puppy or you're at your wits end dealing with your dog's behavior problem, we can help. We use effective, positive reinforcement training methods designed to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Our variety of services combined with our knowledge and expertise can help you and your dog reach your fullest potential.

San Diego Dog Trainer - Dog Trainer Directory

The San Diego Dog Trainer Directory was created by volunteer effort to provide a list of experienced trainers to adopters of rescue and shelter dogs and for the general public. All trainers have been screened and are using only scientific, modern positive reinforcement dog training methods. Dog trainers do not pay to be on this list.

4 Paws University - Dog training and Behavior Articles

Like most dog trainers who have been training for more than a decade, Lisa started as a "balanced" trainer (although it wasn't called that back then), using a combination of rewards and corrections. Since that time, her methods have evolved, moving away from aversive tools and techniques. Using applied behavior analysis to pinpoint the cause and solution for problem behaviors, Lisa is able to develop programs that adapt to each dog and their behavior.

Down To Earth Dogs offers Dog Daycare and Boarding services in the San Diego metro areas