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A place full of “pawsitive” energy where your dog can be a dog! Whether you’re away for work, on vacation, or just need to spend some time taking care of you, Down-to-Earth Dogs can help. We specialize in doggie daycare and overnight boarding designed to provide your dog with excitement and adventure while putting your mind at ease.

With over 10 years of dog training, rescuing and volunteering, we will provide your dog with a pawsitive environment where he can thrive. Our company is earth friendly using 100% biodegradable bags, natural dog treats, and non-toxic cleaners. We even provide electronic invoices to do our part to save the trees!

Dog Daycare and Boarding

A typical stay at Down-to-Earth Dogs includes several hours of outdoor play time, meal times suited to your dogs needs and much needed rest time. We’ll even send pictures to your email or phone with every visit, so you can see your what your dog is up to. When you pick up your dog, you can rest assured that he’s had a fun-filled; action packed stay and perhaps even learned a trick or two!

Small Group Outings

What could be more fun for your dog than an outing with his best friends? If your dog has a lot of energy or just likes to get out and be social, our group outings are just what he needs. Typical outings include trips to Fiesta Island or Fiesta Island for some hiking. Outings last for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours between the hours of 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. We’ll pick him up and drop him off when we’re done.

Private Training

Private sessions are ideal for teaching basic manners and core behaviors to a newly adopted dog or puppy, or for working through behavioral issues such as fear, aggression, reactivity and separation anxiety. For problem behaviors, an initial 2 hour consultation is required to go over your dogs behavioral history, discuss immediate management solutions and get started with initial training exercises. Follow up lessons are approximately 1 hour.

Emily Keaney

Emily Keaney is a Boston native who moved to San Diego in 2010. Beginning in her teens, she immersed herself in the animal shelter and rescue community, adopting over 30 animals of all different species. She has volunteered her time with several local organizations, both in Boston and in San Diego, most recently to include the San Diego County Animal Shelter & the San Diego Partners for Pit Bulls Program, & as an adoption counselor/trainer with San Diego Animals Worthy of Life (AWOL). She has fostered numerous dogs for local rescue groups, including a litter she saved from neglect in Mexico. Her personal dog Rodney, a Mastiff mix, was adopted from the Oceanside Humane Society after spending 9 months waiting for a home. He came to Emily with significant separation anxiety, as well as a wide range of fear-based behavior issues; he was the catalyst for Emily’s education and experience in dog behavior and training.

Emily spent 3 years apprenticing under local trainers, including Jessica Wheatcraft, Kyle Rayon, and Madeline Gabriel. Through this experience, she developed a strong intuitive understanding of dog training and behavior, and has a keen eye for body language and social interactions between dogs. She is pursuing certification with PACCC (Professional Animal Care Certification Council). Emily initially offered private in-home training, but now focuses solely on boarding.

Big, Tall, Little, Small. We Board Them All!

It doesn't matter what size your dog is! At Down To Earth Dogs we accommodate you and your canines size and needs every step of the way!

Saint Bernard
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Down To Earth Dogs offers Dog Daycare and Boarding services in the San Diego metro areas